Университетская программа развивается в России

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University program develops in Russia
by  Irina Bizyaeva
Nokia and MTUCI successfully develop cooperation in innovative technologies area
Nokia and Moscow Technical University of Information and Communications (MTUCI) have recently signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of innovative technologies. Under the agreement, Nokia and MTUCI intend to develop cooperation in the following areas:
• Certification of Nokia’s innovative technologies and products
• Making Nokia’s Training Center facilities and programs available for MTUCI students and post-graduates
• Conducting joint research activates
• Engaging MTUCI students to participate in annual competitions
• Organizing lectures and seminars for students on Nokia solutions and technologies
• Cooperating in developing regional programs for telecom universities across Russia
• Opening a laboratory for MTUCI students “The skills level and expertise are among the key drivers of telecom industry development.
“The skills level and expertise are among the key drivers of telecom industry development. Nokia possesses unique knowledge and experience and eager to transfer it to the youth in universities, helping them to grow to a high level telecom professionals. We are glad that our University program continue to evolve and get more and more interest from educational institutes,” commented Demetrio Russo, head of Market Unit East Europe at Nokia.

The signed MoU opens new opportunities in providing students with an access to Nokia learning resources, on-line trainings and internship in the company, and will play a key role in promoting Nokia’s brand among youth in university environment, support our brand visibility in the Telecom and IT community and allow Nokia to attract the best and most active young individuals. On the other hand, our efforts will help young professionals to adopt to the new, fast changing and highly competitive environment and increase employers interest.
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